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Berichte & Ergebnisse 2009

Race Report

Beitrag von Joachim Dirks.

Ergebnisse Frauen Berlin Marathon 2009
NameZeit (netto)
Sonja Thiele3:24:36
Ruth Suhr3:58:26
Andrea Ruck4:00:19
Christiane Lange4:32:52
Ergebnisse Herren Berlin Marathon 2009
NameZeit (netto)
Enrico Wiesner2:50:50
Patrik Marschalik2:5243
Johannes Bauer3:06:07
Wilfried Jackisch3:07:58
Ralf Milke3:08:20
Clemens Ullmann3:14:35
Oliver Gill3:16:24
Heiko Klimek3:18:53
Manfred Kretschmer3:41:58
Alexander Oberthür3:42:45
Hosrt Matznick3:44:07
Frank Blankenfeld3:52:55
Andreas Hackenberg4:02:45
Roger Blum4:05:10
Holger Richter4:05.56
Karl Heuer4:17:28
Joachim Dirks4:32:52
Werner Feist4:35:04
Bernd Hübner4:46:43
Armin Petrak5:20:16
Bernd Rödel5:51:37

Hier unsere Laufberichte, die wir an Namban Rengo gesandt haben.

Joachim (4:32) I ran with Christiane the whole time and enjoyed every second of the Marathon. This year, we just enjoyed seeing all the NAMBANs in Berlin, Satohi, Chika, Len Leng, Wendy and had a great time with our friends Bettina and Heinz. The Marathon is such a great event, I can highly recommend it to everybody. Indeed, there are many more people running than in any elite field, so it can get congested, which was new to me as well since I never ran a Marathon this slow. We had a great time before, during and after the Marathon, nee! Hope to see you all in Tokyo next year...!

Christiane (4:32) It was a great weekend in Berlin with the Namban friends. Between many parties we run a marathon. And this time, I could enjoy the marathon. Just a few days before race day, Joachim and I decided to do an easy long jog at the marathon course. Every time when we saw friends supporting us, we stopped for a chat. It was real fun and also I was very happy, that I could run 42 km last Sunday because the Berlin Marathon was my second long run this year. The last long run was the Tokyo Marathon and in the last few weeks, I never run more than 40 km per week and more than 13km in a row. Now it's getting cooler here in Guangzhou and I am confident that I will do more long runs before Tokyo Marathon.

Vielen Dank für die großartige Unterstützung der PSBler entlang der Strecke, insbesondere vielen Dank an Bettina und Heinz, für die zusätzliche Cola am Potsdamer Platz.

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